Cartoon Hotluck - May 19, 2002   
Last Updated: May 25, 2002
Statistics: 105 guests attended in person, 112 visits to the live webcam

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John and Maritza (from next door) and Dennis (from across the street) saved the day with their contributions of umbrellas and effort to help us get things covered up in case of continued rain. Thanks!

Many thanks go to Johnnie Perkins, the Hotluck Photographer

Another successful fire in the belly. It is hard to say what was the hottest thing this year. It seemed that Mark's Demon Rum had mellowed (after 4 years), and it saw fierce competition from Johnnie's creative Fire Grapes. As usual, Art brought excellent enchiladas, this time in three heat levels (and some burned people claimed that the labels may have been swapped). Michelle's Babaganoush was intended to be hot, but it just seemed to soak up the heat. Scott presented Tarte Tatin with habanero and wine-stewed pears. Roswitha made a beautiful berry and habanero sorbet, using just hab juice via the juicer. Jon made interesting smoothies, and he eventually cranked up the heat.

The other dishes were excellent, as always, even if not very hot. Diana made excellent Thai wraps, and Scott smoked the usual animal flesh (ribs and brisket). Monika's Tiramisu was dusted with chile powder. Eileen concocted a hot version of Shepherd's Pie. The MacNaughtons used O's heritage to make a fine rice with spicy fish sauce. The Hall's Apple Pie was spiked. And it goes on! With over 100 people, it was hard to keep up with all of the fine dishes. There was lots of "Try this!" and "Be careful with this one!" and "Here, let me see you eat that." Since a fair number of the guests are wimps, we asked each cook to label their dish with the appropriate flag (see pictures below), and write what it was.

As in years past, Mark and Diana Snitily brought baby chile seedlings for people to adopt. This year, they grew red and yellow rocotos - we can't wait to see all the peppers next year. Thanks, folks.

For the first time, we were doing a live webcast, although some visitors to the website had problems getting in. We were showing pictures from our recent trip to the South Pacific, albeit without narration. Several people kind of got stuck in front of the screen. The rain did not come back until after the last guests had left (probably since we sacrificed an umbrella), but since we bunched the tables under the umbrellas, it made for cozy discussion.

Besides appreciation to all who came and brought outstanding food, drink, and craziness, we'd like to thank Jim Campbell of the Mild to Wild Pepper & Herb Company for sending sauces and powders, and Ron Levi and Joe Cloutier of Bucky Goldstein's Fiery Foods, who brought sauces and spicy chocolate-covered almonds. Oh, and also to Tara Deen of Sydney, who gave us lovely sauces and powders when we visited last month.

Finally, in a totally new development, we were left with absolutely no orphan dishes!

The Food:

Heat Designator (subjective, Art's Enchiladas were HOT, HOTTER, HOTTEST  And another subjective heat designator - it was up to the cook to decide the heat level! The third level was Mickey Mouse Mild 
Great food was contributed by all our guests  And of course one needs hotsauces (with contributions from Jim Campbell's Mild to Wild and Bucky Goldstein's Fiery Foods) 
The white area are Thai shrimp and pork wraps by Diana 
Hot deserts? You bet! Tiramisu, Rum Balls, Chile Berry Sorbet, Peach Tart Tartin, Bucky Goldstein's Chocolate Covered Almonds, you name it and it can be done  Hot oatmeal cookies?  And to top it all off, grapes injected with Dave's Insanity Sauce. Johnnie Perkins, how did you explain this at the pharmacy when you asked for the needle? 

The Guests:

Mark Snitily offering Demon Rum  Wanna Tryyyy???? Did I pour too much? 
Eileen, the chile-head who travelled the furthest (from Ireland) and Weather Goddess (the rain stopped for one hour before the party started until the last guest left) 
Hotluck Host - Goofy a.k.a. Scott Ashkenaz  Hotluck Hostess - Roswitha Remling with Art Pierce  Art Pierce and Dave Gomberg  Dave Gomberg 
Jane Manning and Michelle Anderson  Joe Cloutier and Ron Levi of Bucky Goldstein's Firey Foods 
Johnnie Perkins - Is there any hot food here?  Jon Ziegler and Wilhelm Maurer  Jon Z - Red Savina Tropical Smoothie anyone? 
Mark and Diana Snitily of Demon Rum and Major Green Thumb for Chile Plants Fame  
This year Mark and Diana brought yellow and red Rocoto seedlings for everyone , inspired by the Chilehead list's plan to swap seeds - thanks!  Mark explaining the basics on Rocotos; how to use and grow 
Potential new rocoto plant owners?  New rocoto plant owners? 
Seating 100 guests in the garden  MAJOR WIMP - Annette 
Yolanda Perkins and Goofy - wont you try some demon rum?  Many ages represented  Mary Hughes, her grand-daughter, and Pat Lamey  Craig MacNaughton says, 'Nicole, dear, I think that's too hot for you...' 
O and Nicole Macnaughton  Frank and Alexander Schellenberg  Russel and Naomi Cinque 
Julee and Dale Allison  Ann Haigh and Erika Enos 
Eileen  Jim Wiley 
Norma Rayl, Harvey Frye and Bob Rayl  Roswitha (Mrs. Goofy) 
Paula Sandas and Lindsey Frankfurt  Scott and Eileen  Pat Cahill the Lobster Lady 
Steve Haigh and John Frankfurt eyeing the demon rum   Yolanda, Pam, Chris, Stan Barnett and Laura Kettens 
Maria and Rich Q and Mike Ruth  Linda Hall and Maritza Frankfurt 
Mike Ruth, Norma Rayl, Mary Hughes, and Amar Singh browsing  Amy McKiernan and Aparjot Dehal 
Dave Gomberg and Johnnie Perkins  Jon Ziegler, John Frankfurt and Scott Ashkenaz 
What to have next?  Maybe more conversation? 
Goofy, Greg Walcott, and Denis Deceuster - chile grapes anyone?  Mark Liu, Mark and Diana Snitily 
Yolanda, Eileen, Julee, Dale and Pat  More rum for anyone? 
The cardboard boat is done, now it's time to party, mom  Denis Deceuster, Jane Manning and Dave Gomberg 
Chatting with friends  Chatting with new and old friends  Jim (It's hot enough) Wiley, Ulrich and Wilhelm Maurer 
Kat Contento and Mark Liu  Jim, Greg and Paula 
Kristi Mark, Roswitha and Gary Hall  Scott and Denis  Jeremy Walker and Steve Haigh 
Ingrid and Todd Peterson and Scott  Arun 
Eileen, Roswitha and Yolanda  Michelle Anderson, Annette, Erika and Maritza - 'We loved your MILD Babaganoush, Michelle' 
Denis, Jeremy, Mary Ellen and Todd under the webcam  Mark, Michelle and Yolanda 

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