Colorado       March 17 to 23, 2003     Last Updated: 24-March-2003 


After learning about Wayne Rawlins' and Lynn Sweet's wedding on January 18 and being invited to their reception on March 22, we decided that it would be a perfect occasion to see each other again and combine it with some Colorado spring skiing (since that was all the Doctor allowed Roswitha for this winter !) .

Little did we know that our visit would coincide with the worst snow storm in the Denver / Frisco area since 1913 (up to 11 feet in some places in the state). Luckily we made it to Frisco just before I-70 and the DIA airport were closed, and the streets were conveniently cleared again before we traveled on to Colorado Springs to meet up with Wayne and Lynn.

Unfortunately, Scott caught a cold and really did not see anything but the little, cheap hotel rooms we had booked for the trip. But Roswitha was able to get in 4 wonderful days of skiing at Copper Mountain, Keystone and Arapahoe-Basin (if we ignore the sore muscles on the first few days).

3 feet of new powder with temperatures just around freezing - Oh, what bliss!

I-70: We just made it!  After a few days the sun came out...  ... and the clouds got thinner ...  ... and thinner. 
Trees at Copper on the best day in 3 years (according to the shuttle driver) 
Creek at Keystone gondola entrance  Almost no people on lifts on a sunny day in Keystone  Alpen Stube: The 5-star restaurant in Keystone - they help you out of your boots and provide slippers! 
Almost no people on the slopes in Keystone  ... always able to find almost empty slopes 
Arapahoe Basin (or A-Basin) was in the clouds. This was MY best day of powder skiing in at least 2 decades. 
Dillon Lake  Sun and Snow - What more can the heart want? 
Poor Scott: TV and tea for him in our GREAT hotel room. Nice pajamas, huh? 


Lynn and Wayne's reception was very entertaining. Great conversations and food, galore. A great time was had by all (except Scott, who stayed back in another hotel room and couldn't even eat Cup of Soup because there was no spoon). People came from as far as Missouri and California to celebrate the union of the new couple. Lynn and Wayne wore their wedding outfits, and showed us pictures and told us about the actual event in Manitou Springs. Lynn wore a wonderful red dress, and Wayne looked stunning in his purple suit and his green (dress) tennis shoes. And there I thought the wedding picture that was sent with the invitation was photoshopped. Yes, stunning is the word.

Welcome at the Rawlins/Sweet Home  The Happy Couple  Just ask Lynn and/or Wayne about the dress, suit, shoes and floor! 
A toast to the happy couple ...  ... and one more ...  ... and here is another one 

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