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We took the train from Rome to Florence. We only had one day in Florence before we'd be picked up for the next cooking school. So, we had lots to see, and not much time. First thing - a snack!

The Bargello Museum  A tourist restaurant across from the Bargello Museum   

We just climbed one - let's climb another!  Puff. Puff. 

View from the Companile                    The Baptistry   


Inside il Duomo    The dome 

    Looking for a place which will let us taste balsamic vinegar 


Art in the Accademia  Art in the Accademia  Michaelangelo's David  Michaelangelo's David 


The Uffizi 

We took a walk across the Arno river (and the famous Ponte Vecchio) to watch the sunset from Piazza Michaelangelo. Along the way, we spotted an interesting restaurant, Pane e Vino, and decided to return. The sunset from the Piazza was beautiful

Ponte Vecchio across the Arno river 
Yes, this is the guidebook shot   

Tomato aspic at Pane e Vino  Paste e pesce  Cheeses with sauces 


Hotel room  Hotel breakfast 

One of the best, and best-known restaurants in Florence (and maybe even Italy) is Cibréo. It invents phenomenal food, and is known for being a bit of a mystery - they bring you whatever they want; there is no formal menu. It is also very hard to get into, and quite expensive. Of course, since this trip was about food, we had to go there. We found out that right across the street is the Cibréo Caffé, which has the same food (from the same kitchen), is easy to get into, has a menu, and is much cheaper. Same great food, lower price - how could we refuse? And, yes, it was incredible.

Cibréo Caffé 
Tomato aspic  Zuppe  Paté 

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Badia a Coltibuono cooking school 2000     



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Palio (in Siena)    


After the excitement, it was, of course, time to eat. We fought our way through the crowd to a restaurant just up the hill. It turned out that our waiter was from Istrice; and they had not won in his lifetime. Although the owners said that he should go celebrate with his contrada, he felt compelled to work. Everyone was buying him drinks, and he was happy, but pretty useless. The meal was good, although unremarkable.


As we walked back to our bus, the town was insane with partiers.



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