München 2000      Last Updated: 22-Apr-03

In Munich I spent a few nights with Cornelia and Edi, having fun talking about our University days and getting to know Edi.
Since we used to live in Munich I didn't take many pictures, but was mostly intriqued by similarity and familiarity. I enjoyed Weisswürste on Viktualien Markt, and found that downtown is still pretty much the same, except for a curious addition to the main train station.

Frauenkirche still stands (Rosi was baptized here) 

For 2.-- DM one can get the 'VIP' treatment  (Unfortunately, I saw someone jump the barrier just as I left)   But this was the first time I felt comfortable to put my back-pack and purse on the floor at that train station  And what is nicer than a clean and dry place to wash your hands? 

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