Warsaw 2000      Last Updated: 13-May-03

The flight from Prague to Warsaw took 3.4 hours. The goal was to refuel (machine and humans) and then continue on to Lithuania. When we arrived the wind started to pick up. By the time we had refueled and lunch, the cross wind was 25 knots. So we decided to stay overnight after we confirmed the weather predictions fot the next day and that the winds typically are calm in the morning. We checked into a Novotel near the airport, which looked like every other Novotel except for extensive construction sites around it. Then we took the bus to downtown, wandered around and had a nice caviar dinner.

Warsaw was by far the largest and busiest airport we had flown into to date. It was very interesting to be so close to the big guys 
Everything was ..Lot or Lot... . The PetroLOT folks scared us a bit, by how they dealt with the ladder  The only place in all our travel, where the airport alone did not seem secure from theft 
Downtown seems to have a typically parking issues around the pedestrian areas in down town. No shortage of new and expensive cars  The main square in downtown is only open to pedestrians and lined with outdoor seating for restaurants. We joined in on a wonderful evening 
Red Caviar was one of the specialties. We skipped the Vodka!  Different type of architecture for churches 
Teenager on the wall next to the former moat around the old town  Part of the former moat or river now converted into a main road 

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Kaunas 2000     

Our flight from Warsaw to Kaunas was 2.8 hours. We flew to Kaunas because it was the first international airport we reached in Lithuania and I liked to stay below 3.5 hours of flying time whenever possible, to have plenty of gasoline left at landing. The town developed at the confluence of two fairly large rivers and is a very interesting mix of old and new. Here is the first time that we talked with locals about changes in the last 10 years. The feedback we got was repeated over and over during our trip. "It is much harder now. Looking and competing for work is difficult. Many people have no work - it did not used to be this hard and this way". Looking around we saw many construction sites for restauration and modernization, especially in downtown areas. We did not meet many foreigners in Kaunas, but it seemed foreign businesses were the main sponsors for the commercial constructions.

Kaunas Airport 
Air Lithuania  Kaunas Tower, probably built in the last 10 years 
View of Kaunas from where the rivers merge. The large grass area is used for soccer and other sports, and may also be a good flood zone should the rivers rise 
The riverbank's recreational value is well used. We saw fishermen, sunbathers, walkers, bikers, etc.  Several churches are the buildings closest to the rivers 
City Wall  Different architectural styles merge into each other 
Church in downtown  Detail of church  Rosi and our traditional foods hunt: lots of crepes, potatoes, sourcream, chives and dill 
Photostudio. Although the Baltic languages are not really related to other European languages, it can be read  Old building and new construction site? 
Modern roof replacement on restored downtown building  New sculpture in downtown  Restored store front in downtown 
Biblioteka (=library) window  Our bathroom window 

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