Zürich 2000      Last Updated: 13-May-03

Arrival in Europe

I flew with Swiss Air directly from SFO to Zürich, and I had a wonderful experience. It was fun that the international experience started immediately at check-in, and wonderful to hear the mixture of French and German from the start. Of course, it also felt great flying in Business Class. (The Tickets and the cooking schools were an Anniversary Present for Scott -- and Roswitha)

Arriving in Zürich I needed some coffee, and found the restaurant simply packed and extremely smoky ...

Literally no place to find in the smoking section 

But what a surprise when I found the non-smoking section.

I was the only person here, until some American tourists joined 


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Departure from Europe

On our trip home we had another 24 hours lay-over in Zürich, which we spent sightseeing, finding a really tacky souvenir for Johnnie, and eating all the wonderful foods one cannot find anywhere else.

Zürich's main train station had a farmers market when we arrived. Scott was in chile-heaven when he found this wall of hotsauces and even fresh habaneros  ... and another Nanna hanging prominently in the main hall of the train station 

By pure chance we found the Crazy Cow restaurant, it was close to our hotel  Take your shoes OFF the table ??? What if the bread is served in it? 
Where is the Schnitzel? Scott was lucky it was on a stick - he ordered it hidden  ToblerTWO anyone?  ... Toblerone, or ToblerTHREE 
Swiss icons mural  See the Fön?  That's the German name for 'hair dryer' and the warm wind that comes from the mountains and makes everyone crazy  

Wenn die Käseglocke läutet ...    (When the cheese bell rings?)  Though it was middle of Summer, it was cool enough for RACLETTE   

Oh, we also saw Tina Turner at Sprüngli, the Chocolate and Coffee-Haus. Roswitha was face-to-face with her on the stairs (TT descending and RR ascending).


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