Ashkeling Tax Day Hotluck - April 26, 2003  
Last Updated: May 3, 2002
Statistics: more than 175 guests attended (!)

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Due to the early date of the Hotluck, we were again threatened with rain. A couple'a burly weathermen came to the door and said that "if we did not stop saying doze things about the boss being a wimp and such," that we would "regret that we had ever met Dr. Scoville." We promised and gave them a couple of TAM jalapeños to show that we were with dem.

Picture credits this year go to Johnnie & Yolanda Perkins, Bill Lampeter (visiting from the cold East), Reza Moazzami, and Roswitha and Scott.


Before the Burn  
This year was shaping up to be a well-attended event, the largest ever. As usual, we started preparations several days before (not counting drying Red Savina™ peppers three years ago). Roswitha started by making the Sorbets and baking The BREAD. Scott started the brisket smoking at midnight Friday.

Roswitha in full sorbet gear 

Suku and Bill helped us to get the tables and chairs in place, and prepare some of the decorations and signs (thanks, guys!).

Now all we need is food!  Before all hell breaks loose  The servers telling Scott what to do  This year's signage 

Juni makes an appearance before the storm 

And it gets rolling...  
The rain did, indeed hold off. (I hope that the boss never figures out that those were TAM Heatless jalapeños that we gave him.) People started showing up, and wonderful dishes (and, hey, wonderful guests) started filtering in. With so many people, it was hard to keep track of everything, much less try it. The dishes were outstanding, if a little heavy on the wimpy side. (We're REALLY going to have to do something about that next year...!? ). However, the hot dishes held their own. Beside the Demon Rum which is a class of its own for the fifth year running,   the hottest items were probably Scott's innocent little English Tea Sandwiches (From Hell).

Carol Ann with Scott's brisket - check out that smoke ring 
Tea Sandwiches  Spanish rice  Fried eggplant  Garden Casserole  Chettinad Chicken  Vegetarian Dohkla  Chicken Wings - and the dish is among the leftover orphans  In case it was not hot enough 

The Dessert table  Demon Rum Balls  Devil's Food Cake 
Oops, no, that's the cat 

While Mark's 5-year-old Demon Rum had mellowed, his new batch showed us what it could do.

Bill realizes what it's all about  Dennis takes grief from Ann, and pain form the rum - twice!  I'm melting...melting... 
Julie seemed to handle it OK, except for the mad dash to the drink stand. 

This year we had over 175 people - thank you to everyone for the fine dishes and a great time. As Roswitha says, "If you did not come, it would not be such a great party." We only seemed to have a few heat-related incidences, and none were irrecoverable - that's why we have cool-down dishes, milk, and sour cream.

Hi, everyone  The burning land 

J. Lo  Krisztina gets enough of a burn  Who is that?  Art  Julie  D. Lo  What are you kids doing?  Jeremy and the Überwimp  Jeff & Bill  Mildred shows off chocolate  Greg  Regina  Careful, John - that's the MEDIUM table!  Is this doughnut safe?  Kat  Johnnie  Elana  Nice hat  No, Dave's not on medication  So, what will be used for the 50 nm node, Mark?  That spontaneous human cumbustion was not one of my kids, was it?  Schizo  Luba and Katherine  I see you...  ...there you are  Joan  Annette  Mark takes a breath  The Singhs  Francis & Carrie  It's not that boring, is it, Charles?  Laramie  Mark, use a spoon, like Chris  Light show  Eatin' & talkin'  Über Chileheads  Angela  Kelly - a new chilehead (to this event)  Nice smiles - what the heck were THEY talking about?  Jane & Diana  Monika & Roswitha  Enough? 

Dave 'Nothing's too hot'  Except maybe these 

Mark, from next door - previously a self-declared wimp - tries a tea sandwich
A new family record! 

Norma  Problem, Dale?  Still burning...  Mmmm...more...  Joe  If your eyes are closed, are we still here?  Latha    $  Don't try that one...  Joel & Roberta  Maritza    Kanae & Mildred - talking flying?    Scott and the Ramanathans  No, Bala, you can't eat that...  Nice smiles  More nice smiles  Karen, what are you looking at?  Mike & Ann  Now what are they reading?  We've run out of brisket again?  Norma & Bob  Mmmm - ice cream  I'll trade my hat for your beard...  Maybe a little more...  Angela & Roswitha  Bill & Ann  Naomi, Marc, and Scott    Johnnie & Pat  Hello, up there    Watching the slide show?  Marty  Almost old enough for the hot table...  Diana, Dave, and Susan    Whacha got there, Eric?  What, more brisket?  Jeez...are they talking about bathroom plumbing again?  Mark knows how to have a good time    Yum                Go ahead, Greg, take one. It's not VERY hot    A couple of announcements    It's all about the food and the friends    Julie & Aparjot 

Besides appreciation to all who came and brought outstanding food, drink, and craziness, we'd like to thank Jim Campbell of the Mild to Wild Pepper & Herb Company for sauces he sent, and for his little piece of THE BREAD - enough to take out a whole town if we were to release it.

A few of the people who showed up:



Is it over, yet?
Are they gone? 



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