Trip to San Diego (via Getty in Los Angeles)           Last Updated: May 29, 2002 

Rosi and Roswitha took a few days in January to travel to San Diego. They also stopped at the Austrian Embassy and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles on the way there, and in Malibu on the way back.

The Getty Museum is in a gorgeous location, has some fine pieces of art, and a WONDERFUL view.

The cactus garden  Rosi with a 'field' of Birds of Paradise  The main Getty gardens and buildings 

No visit to San Diego should miss at least a day at the Zoo. Here are some of our (baby) pictures.

Mama Hippo  Mom and baby running under water. DO NOT underestimate the speed. They were extremely fast  Baby is getting attention from visitor 
Baby Cheetas  1 year old Giraffe  And...of course the Panda Bear 

We also visited Old Town San Diego and hunted for the perfect Sunset spot.

Old Town San Diego 
Sunset 1  Sunset 2 

On our way home we stopped at the Paradise Cove for lunch. It seemed to be one of the very few public places on the beach in Malibu, and it felt truly like paradise (even in January the wind sheltered cove was sunny and warm).

Paradise Cove Cafe, parking fee of 20-30 US is waived if you spend at least this much on food and drinks. Well this decision is not hard.  The beach of Paradise Cove  The Bar  Rocks to climb for better views and self portraits or group pictures  Rosi's seafood salad was simply huge! 

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